The next big A$AP Mob release will be the 'L.O.R.D' EP, on which we might see the next star of the collective rise in a way similar to how A$AP Ferg did with 'Work' on the group's previous effort, 'Lords Never Worry.' Ferg still reigns as the current star of the Mob after a strong 2013, and he continues his streak with his new song, 'DTM Awards 14.'

The new release follows Migos as the next major remix over Drake's 'Trophies.' 'DTM Awards 14' is another display of the elastic flow that helped make A$AP Ferg a star. The freestyle follows the original's theme -- always looking out for the family -- as he shouts out his crew and relates the come-up story of his uncle, who Ferg says was in jail on the track.

"And it's tough, I tell him never get discouraged / I’ma take you out the hood, uncle, don’t worry / And now he first class at different tellies," he raps.

We'll see if there's more such stories on the 'L.O.R.D.' EP, which arrives March 4.

Listen to A$AP Ferg's 'DTM Awards 14'