In hip hop, anything perceived as new, rare or exclusive is deemed of value, making every  high-profile release an event in its own right. And being that these projects do a great deal in determining the fate of an artist's musical legacy, ensuring that the final product reflects the best of the artist's abilities is paramount. However, in certain instances, the songs that were left off of the album actually rival or are superior to many of the cuts included on the final tracklist. While these tracks are often liberated to the public with the artist's authorization or otherwise, there have been various occasions in which the vaults have been pilfered to find choice selections to comprise a compilation or album.

In recent weeks, two of rap's biggest names repackaged leaked tracks and unreleased material into proper releases. The first drop came from Nas, who liberated tracks originally recorded for Hip-Hop Is Dead, Untitled, Life Is Good and Nasir, bundling them for The Lost Tapes 2, the sequel to his revered 2002 compilation. And on Friday, Drake followed suit with Care Package, a collection of old fan favorites that were previously unavailable on streaming services.

With all of the excitement revolving around compilations of archived music from the genre's biggest stars, XXL compiles a list of rap artists that have the goods to release their own.

8 Rappers Who Should Release A B-Sides Compilation Project

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