Ariana Grande's 'Almost Is Never Enough' duet with her ex Nathan Sykes was much loved by critics and fans. Her song 'The Way,' which featured rapper Mac Miller, also put her on the map. She is revisiting that diva-and-a-dude duet formula, it would seem, with Chris Brown, based on some tweets that were issued this weekend.

Breezy, who has been in rehab, tweeted lyrics, which Grande retweeted. She responded with what appeared to be the next line of a song, since it rhymed.

When a fan asked if the tweet referenced a song she is listening to and loves, she replied it's from a song that isn't out yet but will be out next month. Yay!

Her manager Scooter Braun also got in on the tweet sesh and commented on the duet.

So it's pretty obvious that Ari and Breezy worked together.

Below are the tweets:

In other Breezy news, his lawyer is saying that his client is the victim of extortion by Malcolm Ausbon, who claimed that the singer and three peeps in his posse beat him up during a basketball game at 24-Hour Fitness.

According to TMZ, the victim's lawyer sent a letter to Breezy's team and requested $250,000 or else, saying that Aubson would rather be compensated than press charges. That amounts to extortion.

Breezy's lawyer is filing a police report regarding the letter. Additionally, it's been said that Aubson's team admitted that it was not Breezy who struck their client. It was someone in his squad with dreadlocks.

With the possible new duet on the horizon, hopefully Breezy will spend more time focusing on his music and less time ending up in legal matters.

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