Anna Gordy Gaye, the sister of Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr., and the ex-wife of late crooner Marvin Gaye, has passed away. The 92-year-old songwriter and businesswoman died on Friday (Jan. 31) surrounded by friends and family.


According to a statement, the family asked for privacy as they prepare funeral arrangements for Ms. Gaye.

Her brother, Berry Gordy, also released a statement. It reads:

"My sister Anna was the glamour girl of the family. She was beautiful, sexy, playful, lovely. Men loved her but she lived for her family, especially her younger brothers of which, I was lucky enough to be one.

She backed me up on everything I tried to do and gave me the confidence to be what I wanted to be. She gave me all the love that a sister could give a brother.

When I first came to California as a teenage boxer, Anna lived there and I knew I would have a place to call home.

I will miss her so dearly. What I'm grateful for most was that she lived to see me reach my goals and shared them all with me in happiness and joy."

-- Berry Gordy, Founder, Motown

Anna Gordy was married to Marvin Gaye for 14 years before divorcing in 1977. Their troubled marriage inspired Mr. Gaye to record his 1978 album, 'Here, My Dear.'

Ms. Gaye was a successful entrepreneur whose first business was a photo stand at Detroit’s Flame Show Bar in the early fifties. In 1958, she launched her own record label, Anna Records, with songwriters Gwen and Billy Davis. She was also a prolific songwriter herself who penned two songs on Marvin’s classic album, 'What’s Going On.'

In recent years, Ms. Gaye reportedly suffered from a myriad of illnesses including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. She is survived by a son, Marvin Gaye III, and two brothers, including Berry Gordy, Jr.

We want to send our condolences to the Gordy and Gaye family. May she rest eternally in peace.

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