André 3000 is outside. The elusive rapper is currently in Portland, Ore. shooting a new Kelly Reichardt-directed film titled Showing Up. It appears the rapper is taking in the local music scene while in town.

On July 6, Instagram user Summer Hatfield, who goes by lil.summy on the app, spotted the OutKast rhymer wearing a mask at an outdoor open mic event. And yes, Mr. Benjamin had his famous flute with him.

Hatfield shared photos of André 3000 with his flute on her Instagram page.

"Coolest thing ever tonight!" she captioned a series of distant pictures of the diamond-selling artist. "I went to an open mic event at a park and saw someone with a unique looking double flute. I commented on how cool it looked and chatted with this super nice, chill dude for a minute before going to sit in the grass. It wasn’t until after I’d sat that someone whispered to me 'you know who that is right?' It was Andre 3000!!! He stayed and hung out for the entire show and cheered for every person who performed. What a sweet dude!"

In the photos, 3K is inconspicuously standing next to a brick wall. He is wearing all black and has a black book bag as well. The masked MC's flute is also visible in its case.

3 Stacks is no stranger to making random appearances along with this flute. Two years ago, he was spotted wandering around Los Angeles International Airport playing the instrument. A month later, he surfaced in various spots in Philadelphia playing the flute. Last year, a video surfaced of André 3000 playing his flute for Salehe Bembury, Vice President of Sneakers & Men’s Footwear at Versace.

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