Andre 3000 hasn't delivered an "official" solo album in the decade since OutKast's last album, 2006s Idlewild, but there have always been "rumblings" that something was coming. The acclaimed-but-reclusive hip-hop star has dropped guest verses and one offs throughout that time, but we could finally be close to an actual 3000 project.

A month after Chris Rock claimed to be hanging in the studio with several musicians who were "hard at work" on 3000's solo album, Blink-182's Travis Barker indicated that he'd also spent some time with Big Boi's former partner. In a story on the band's new album, Billboard mentions Barker rubbing elbows with Andre 3000 recently at Coachella.

"Barker mentioned that he ran into Andre 3000 (who embarrassed him by bowing down in honor of the drummer) at the second weekend of Coachella," the piece reads. "The OutKast rapper not only suggested they get together and record, but also mentioned that he had been in the studio with Kid Cudi a few months ago and was in California to listen to the tracks. Travis described another time when he hit the studio with Cudi and the MC didn't even rap, but instead played some mean guitar."

Andre has mentioned vibing with Cudi before, but up til now, nothing concrete was mentioned as evidence that the two hip-hop stars would be working together. But on paper, it seems that they would work well as collaborators:  both are rappers who do a significant amount of singing; both meld eclectic influences into their music; both have a penchant for hiding out for what seems like forever.

None of that guarantees good music--but we are most definitely curious to see what they could cook up.

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