It's probably the most talked-about moment in one of the year's most critically acclaimed films, but it never appeared in any script. The kiss that Jennifer Lawrence lays on Amy Adams in 'American Hustle'? All Adams' idea.

During a tense bathroom showdown, Amy's character Sydney is caught completely off guard when Jennifer's character -- the lovable but dangerously unhinged and very, very drunk Rosalyn -- suddenly plants one on her. Adams took credit for the smooch in an appearance on 'Chelsea Lately' last night (Jan. 8).

"It was my idea," she told host Chelsea Handler. "My character is really strong and her character is kinda crazy, and I was trying to think why I would let her leave [the bathroom], because I really want to tell her something."

The actress continues, "I thought, 'What's the craziest thing she could have done to me?' and I thought she should kiss me."

Well, who hasn't wanted to kiss the lovable JLaw at one point or another? Even Adams calls her "the most awesome girl ever." Alas, the scene didn't turn out ideally for Adams. "The funny thing is I didn't really get to kiss her back, which was unfortunate," she says.

Both actresses are nominated for Golden Globes for their roles in 'American Hustle' -- Adams for Best Actress and Lawrence for Best Supporting Actress. Jennifer will also present at the awards, airing Sunday (Jan. 12) at 8PM ET on NBC.

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