Just in time for Halloween, "American Horror Story" on FX is back!  This weird and gripping series is back for Season 3. Each season delivers a new cast of characters, setting and story line using the same bunch of actors.

Season 1 was a thrilling, dark story of a haunted house and ghosts from the past spooking the house's current inhabitants. Season 2, "Asylum," was a psychotic, twisted tale of a mental institution in the1960s called Briarcliff Mental Institution. This season is "Coven," and has a storyline about witchery and voodoo with Jessica Lange back as Fiona Goode, a glammed up witch.

Last season's "Asylum" was so dark, weird and freaky, it left me sleeping with the bedroom lights on and gave me serious chills.  This season's theme of witchery is a bit lighter and it appears witches are "in" this Halloween month with Lifetime's new season "The Witching Hour" also premiering this Sunday.

This season, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates join the cast. This spooktacular fun starts next Wednesday on FX at 10 p.m. Just in time for Halloween! Boo!

credit: getty images