Another local is set to compete on a reality television show.

Yes, the impressive run of Capital Region contestants on TV reality competition shows will continue this Thursday night! Steven Decarlo, who is from the Rotterdam area, will compete on an episode of the Bravo show "Top Chef Amateurs" airing this Thursday night at 9 pm for a $5,000 prize, according to the Daily Gazette. Decarlo is currently a hairstylist in New York City and actually graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts at SUNY Schenectady, but Decarlo tells the Gazette cooking has always been a big part of his life that brings him "joy." Decarlo also told the Gazette he shows some love to Schenectady by mentioning the Electric City and its great food on the show.

That passion for cooking could lead to a nice chunk of cash for DeCarlo. Bravo says "Top Chef Amateurs" gives amateur chef's the chance to compete in the kitchen of their legendary "Top Chef" show. The competing chefs will team up and cook with former "Top Chef" finalists as they try to impress the judges with their dishes.

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