Alicia Keys and her hubby Swizz Beats just upgraded BIG TIME with a ballin’ new crib. The mansion was previously owned by actor, Eddie Murphy. The house was originally listed at $30 million, but Alicia and Swizzy copped it for only $12 million.

The mansion includes 32 rooms, an indoor pool and bowling alley. Yes, you read that right. THIRTY TWO rooms. Whatcha gonna do with all that space? Call my references, Swizz, I’m a great roommate! It’s too bad MTV’s Cribs isn’t on-air any more. I’d love to take a tour of this pad.

The two, along with their son Egypt, will be saying farewell to their current home in NY to move into the new crib, located in the New Jersey suburbs. The house is a very short commute to Manhattan and comes equipped with a full recording studio.