Alicia Keys will perform a new song at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 6. This will be the second time the R&B piano queen unveiled a new track, the first was back in 2007 when she performed her anthemic hit ‘No One’ for a Las Vegas crowd.

Ms. Keys wouldn’t divulge the name of the tune or explain how it sounds, but she insist that the song is, well, insane. “Debuting a new song at the VMAs is definitely special,” she tells MTV News. “I debuted ‘No One’ at the VMAs, it was the first time anyone had ever heard ‘No One.’ It was just the perfect setting. It’s the right energy. It’s the right vibe.”

“This song is so crazy! I’m so excited for real. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to tell y’all about it but it’s just a really empowering and powerful moment,” she continued.

For the last couple of weeks, Keys has launched a movement for her new musical project. Her hashtag campaign #AKNewDay has sparked thousands of people to post inspiring photos to their Instagram. And her graffiti-themed lyric video for ‘New Day’ showed that her movement is strong in the streets as well.

Keys hopes to keep the momentum going all the way up to the VMAs and celebrate it with her new single. “I’m in my space and I feel more confident than ever to really just have a crazy, fun time,” she says. “It’s so exciting to bring people into my world and where I’ve been and what I’ve been working on. And there’s no better place in the whole wide world than the VMAs to do that, so it’s gonna be crazy!”

The ‘Fallin’ songbird is a VMAs veteran having four moonmen trophies under her belt, including one in 2010 for her New York-themed clip ‘Empire State of Mind.’

The MTV Video Music Awards will air live from Los Angeles at 8PM ET on Sept. 6. A full of list of nominees have been announced with Drake and Rihanna leading the pack with five mentions apiece.

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