Alicia Keys and her snazzy bob, which we admit is not our most favorite of the singer's many hairstyles, cover the new issue of Billboard. Overall, Keys sizzles and is chic in a black, structured top with a high collar, which she paired with a wine-stained, Bordeaux lip look.

Sexy? Oh yeah!

With Keys preparing for the release of 'Girl on Fire' this month, she's turning up the heat on promoting the album. A Billboard cover is certainly one way to make sure the entire industry knows that she has an album on the horizon.

With the cover tag 'The Girl Who Played With Fire,' it's obvious that Keys is the keeper of her career's flame.

She's 31 now. Ahe has plenty of hits in her arsenal, several film roles on her resume and she took a minute to raise her son Egypt with hubby Swizz Beatz. Now is the right time for Keys to make a comeback and to return to tickling the ivories and letting us enjoy that gorgeous voice of hers.

If Alicia Keys is the girl playing with fire, we want to get burned.

Watch the Alicia Keys 'Girl on Fire' Video