- Oh, Alicia Keys, quit toying with us! She teased ‘Girl on Fire,’ track in a new promo for the 2012 MTV VMAs. We can’t wait to watch her performance. [MTV]

- Blue Ivy is already getting accustomed to the jet-setting lifestyle. Her pops, Jay-Z, took the (almost) 8-month old on a helicopter ride around New York City. [E! Online]

- Hilarious! Notorious jokester Blake Shelton and judge of NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ tweeted a hilarious picture from a (fictitious) photo shoot with himself and Adam Levine. [Twitter]

- Hot, hot, hot! Those are the only words we can muster up to describe Big Boi‘s video for his song ‘She Said Ok.’ [YouTube]

- Set your DVRs, people! Beyonce will be a guest on Anderson Cooper’s talk show on Sept. 10. And get this. She might teach Cooper how to dance! Must watch TV. [Anderson Cooper]

- PETA has set their sights on Rihanna. Her offense? She wore a pair of snakeskin boots in London. The group called her actions “callous.” [WENN]

Watch Alicia Keys Tease Her ‘Girl on Fire’ Track

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