Album Review: 'We Got It From Here'

Thank You 4 Your Service by A Tribe Called Quest

So Tribe dropped their FINAL album last month and they went out with a big bang for sure it’s Tribe after all they never put anything out that’s not quality Hip-Hop. They made Phife Dawg look really great because he was taken from us way too soon and his legacy will be heard and be never forgotten that’s without a doubt RIP Phife Dawg you are truly missed. The thing that this album has that Hip-Hop needs more of is real actual Hip-Hop beats that are out-the box of the norm for Hip-Hop nowadays which is why Tribe is one of the best Hip-Hop Groups to ever do it & they’re lyrics on this album are on another planet and some of them are very relevant with all the craziness going on in this country. They went out with a big bang that’s without a doubt this is definitely one of the top albums to drop this year by far it’ll be in the top albums of the year for sure don’t believe me go listen to it. The great thing about Tribe is they always with their Conscious Hip-Hop which we need more of these days. Oh and the features on this are awesome as well you got Busta Rhymes, Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli I mean you can’t beat that the album was already incredible but they made it just that much more better. The lyricism on this album & wordplay is just so refreshing we need more of this in Hip-Hop!!!! Here is the link to this Hip-Hop Master-Piece from one of the best Hip-Hop groups your ears will be very thankful after you hear it at Thank You 4 Your Service by A Tribe Called Quest

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