"Nothing is favoring law enforcement right now to find her, but they're frustrated and working hard...the terrain is not search-friendly." -Albany County Sherrif Craig Apple talks about the disappearance of Meghan Marohn with GNA on Tuesday morning.


Earlier in the week, members of the Albany County Sheriff's Office assisted Massachusetts State Police and local law enforcement in MA in their search for the missing Shaker teacher who vanished in the Berkshires over two weeks ago.

Appearing with Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on 107.7 GNA, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple offered some interesting insight into a couple of things that seem to be on everyone's mind in regards to Meghan Marohn's disappearance over two weeks ago. 

Photo: Craig Apple Facebook
Photo: Craig Apple Facebook

Why isn't there more video surveillance camera footage of Marohn, and have authorities ruled out foul play?

Answering these questions can be tricky, and Apple was quick to point out that Massachusettes State Police and the local law enforcement in the Berkshires are doing an amazing job under such duress, but it's only natural for him to have an opinion and thoughts, having just helped with the search.

On Monday, it was his expert land navigators from Albany County who assisted MA police, sending a total of 18 officers and 5 K9s to the Berkshires to look through "two areas that could not be searched because of how rugged and treacherous they were."

Their efforts, unfortunately, yielded little.

"Just a few deputies covered with ticks," the longtime Albany Sheriff told us.

Authorities determined that on the day Marohn went missing, she did not get on the hiking trail where they found her car.  Instead, Meghan actually crossed the street and walked in the opposite direction - toward a rural residential area.

When asked about the lack of video evidence once Marohn veered away from the woods and headed into town, Apple explained that normally there would be more, but it's different in the Berkshires.

"The area...is like a smaller, old town and some of the houses are larger, but sit way back from the road. You might be able to see a figure (from a Ring camera) but you wouldn't be able to identify them," Apple said.

During the interview with Sheriff Apple, we asked what he thought about a "gut feeling" we had about this being investigated as foul play, and the longtime Sheriff told us that while he doesn't think it's being ruled out, there are other factors and theories to consider as to how she may have vanished.

"Sometimes," he said,  "people going through a mental health issue, or a personal issue...don't want to be found.  We've seen that over the years they'll abandon their car and just go....and sometimes they resurface, and sometimes they may not."

In the case of Meghan Mahorn, there's only one outcome we're all hoping for.

For more on her story and updated information and conversation about the search, click here.

If you or anyone you know believes to know anything about her disappearance, you're urged to call 911.

To hear the entire WGNA interview with Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, click the link below.


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