If you are an Albanian such as myself and have been cruising around the streets in the last 2 weeks or so, you may have noticed that the APD exam is coming up in November. BUT if for some reason you are keeping your eyes on the road, better than myself, you may have missed the electronic signage informing us of this...

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So I am taking it upon myself to share the information on my blog post, because, hey, ya never know, some of you may want to be a part of the APD and may have what it takes!!

I have driven by the sign numerous times on Washington Ave near SUNY since that's my hood and realized that I keep missing half of the information , but I will tell you what I remember and if that's not enough I will include the link with ALL of the info at the end of the post.

The Albany Police Officer exam is Saturday, November 16th, BUT, you MUST register no later than September 26th, in order to take the exam. If you've always dreamed of being a police officer now is your chance! Get off of you behinds and make it happen, you can register and find more information at the link below and GOOD LUCK !!