We're not sure what's more offensive: the fact that Conde Nast named our beloved city the seventh "unfriendliest city" in America or that in the description the mega media giant wrote that "Albany is probably better known as a through-station than a tourist destination."

Either way, Conde Nast's readers are basically telling us all to whip out our smiles, hold doors for strangers and stop being so boring.

According to Conde Nast, based on their annual Readers' Choice survey:

The 'not-so-nice' northern New York city was described as 'dull' by one reader, and others said it was best to avoid, 'especially in the winter.'

Well of course we're unfriendly in the winter! Have you seen how much snow we have to deal with here in Albany, Conde Nast readers!?

It's OK though. We're not alone. Four other Northeast cities made the list of meanies as well.

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