There's a jeweler in Albany that is raising the bar in an effort to catch criminals. It's a state-of-the-art synthetic technology that will identify the thieves without them even knowing they are caught. It is so high-tech that the thieves will wear it for up to three months without a clue that they have been tracked.

According to News Channel 13, Truman Jewelers on North Pearl Street in Albany has installed the first of its kind in synthetic forensic technology. It is a non-toxic, water-based chemical that is sprayed on the thief when they are on the run after the heist. The technology is so advanced that it will stay on the criminal's skin for up to four to six weeks and show up on their clothes for two to three months.

This latest technology is another layer in helping the jewelry industry to capture these criminals. If they have video surveillance or eyewitness accounts, this adds another piece to find the thieves after the robbery. Because the spray stays on skin and clothing as long as it does, it will allow authorities to be able to find the suspects, test them, and then apprehend them.

The manufacturer that makes this latest crime-fighting technology says that it has reduced crime by forty to eighty-six percent wherever it has been used.

I love the fact that there is new forensic technology to catch criminals. I am a huge fan of true crime and the DNA and other technologies that have been added have solved so many cold cases and other crimes. I am encouraged by this new spray that more and more thieves will be caught.

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