Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like trying to kill your boyfriend. I guess love works in mysterious ways, right? 29 year-old Sadie Robinson pulled a ballsy move on Monday morning.

The scorned lover left a can of lube burning in her oven as her boyfriend was asleep. Next, she withdrew some cash and bought a plane ticket for herself and her two children to Florida. She was scooped by authorities at Albany Airport. BONUS: She used his tax refund from the IRS to buy the tickets. Oh  Warren County, NY - how you make us proud of our region.

Robinson is facing charges of arson and grand larceny. Surprisingly, attempted murder wasn’t one of them. She’ll have to find a new Valentine at county jail, where she’ll be spending her holiday after failing to post bail. Perhaps 'caged heat' isn't what she had in mind for some sunny escape, but that's what she'll be enjoying.