My momma always told me, “Don’t trust a skinny cook.” There are obviously exceptions to the rule, but its food for thought (pun intended). Queens native, and rising hip hop star, Action Bronson, didn’t get his Rick-Ross-like physique from eating like a bird. It shouldn’t be surprising that the hefty rhyme slinger knows how to cook just as well as he knows how to eat.

Before signing a major record deal, he was a gourmet chef and even hosted an online cooking show called “Action In The Kitchen.” Paula Deen – eat your heart out (again, pun intended).

“I don’t know if the Food Network is the right home for me,” he said in an interview with MTV Hive. “But yeah, I’m working on a cooking show. I can’t really speak on the details but we’re having talks.”

We’ll keep you posted on any breaking details on the hip hop heavyweight’s future endeavors.