Action Bronson may be a lot of things -- a Queens N.Y. representative, a former chef and a Ghostface Killah fan -- but one thing he's clearly not is a man of short words. Proof of that is showcased in a solid freestyle he performed on Hot 97 for Funkmaster Flex.

Rhyming over Prodigy's 'Keep it Thoro' beat, Brosolino wasted no time in painting a slew of lyrical pictures.

"Spent your advance on one trip to Six Flags / With a handicap class, with your candy rap ass / Bitch you singing like Frankie Lymon, f--- around you might break your hymen / Then somebody's gonna have to clean the mess up, like you f---in' spilled ketchup, f---in' floorless from the neck up," he raps, so passionately his headphones fall off.

His rhymes definitely got Flex excited. According to him, the rapper is currently the best in the game right now.

What do you think? Is the in-your-face bearded rapper one of the nicest to do it? Check out the clip above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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