Now that A$AP Rocky has hit the big time, he’s been dressing the part. Dude has been rockin’ fresh high-end gear like it’s his business. Don’t expect fashion to actually be his business any time soon, though. In a sit-down with HipHopWired, he explained his hatred for rapper-owned fashion.

He describes rapper-owned fashion lines as an easy way to make a buck for washed up artists. Collabs with major designers are welcomed by Rocky, but he believes fashion should be left to the pro’s.

“That sh—corny man. I’m no fashion designer. Just cause I got good taste don’t mean that I know how to create it. I feel that’s disrespectful. It’s just like record labels and sh--. Just cause motherf---ers know hip hop doesn’t mean you know how to create it, motherf---er.”

If Rocky blows up to legend-status, he might be the only rapper WITHOUT a clothing line. Only time will tell.