A$AP Rocky turned up to the 2013 Made in America Festival 20 minutes late for his set -- which meant, per time constraints at the starpacked event, that it had to be cut short. And that's a bummer, because the man puts on a great show.

By the time the Harlem-bred rapper emerged onto the Philadelphia stage, rocking a Stussy jacket and brand new Air Forces, he was well aware that he was, literally, on borrowed time. He opened with, "I ain't got a lot of time so we have to turn s--- up!"

Perhaps weary from the late start, fans took a little while to warm up to Dat PMF, who began with 'Peso,' followed by 'Purple Swag.' They get more into the performance when he broke out with 'F---in' Problems,' one of his most inescapable hits that even casual fans can likely recite by heart.

He closed with 'Goldie' and 'Wassup,' which primed the crowd perfectly for the next act -- his 'F---in' Problems' partner in crime, 2 Chainz. Makes sense that someone so stylish would be fashionably late!