If you're like many people I know, we keep holding on to the vinyl we have, thinking that there is always a chance that the vinyl in the closet could be worth some money someday. As a DJ I started on records so I have plenty, the only problem is, a lot of it is not in very good shape so it most likely won't be worth much. Now that some DJs are starting to use vinyl again, there could be some nice ones available for trade or maybe even to purchase. I went digging in the crates, literally, to find some of my favorites and also to give a little history on them.

Do You Remember These Classic Album Covers?

There are some vinyl enthusiasts here in Buffalo that have collections of records that would absolutely blow you away. Some people keep them in mint condition in hopes of possibly getting money for them or maybe even trading them to other vinyl enthusiasts. Do you remember the old 78 rpm records? Those records are always in demand and there are shops that will pay money for them. Although most of your common vinyl records are not worth much money, some people use them for decorations in their family rooms, or for some men, they are used to decorate the "Man Cave". DJs are using vinyl again, so if you have a collection you are sure to find someone online that will be willing to pay you for them as well, and you would most likely do better than you would if you sold them to a record shop. I personally have a lot of vinyl, but as a DJ in the early days, I didn't keep them in great shape like someone that use them just for recreation. I did find some classics in this gallery that you may remember.


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