6ix9ine hasn't been out of prison for a full week and he's already back to his trolling ways.

People have been wondering if the disgraced Brooklyn rapper will be his old self once released from prison after infamously cooperating with the federal authorities to help take down the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang. It looks like we may have our answer. On Sunday (April 5), The Shade Room reported on Los Angeles' mayor offering rewards for people willing to tell on their neighbors for breaking the city's stay-at-home order. In his first social media action since he went to jail, 6ix chimed in in the comment section and remarked, "Coming to the rescue."

TheShadeRoom via Instagram
TheShadeRoom via Instagram

Tekashi was set to be released from prison on Aug. 2, 2020. However, after his lawyer petitioned the Federal Bureau of Prisons to have the rapper serve the rest of his sentence at home due to coronavirus fears, he was granted an early release and freed on Thursday (April 2).

According to his lawyer, Dawn Florio, 6ix9ine is free to return to social media and will spend the rest of his sentence on home confinement where he plans to work on multiple projects. 6ix9ine reportedly signed an eight-figure record deal with 10K Projects last October.

A few people in the hip-hop community believe Tekashi will still be able to have a viable music career even though there is a stigma associated with his name. He is currently working on Spanish and English rap albums.

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