Living in downtown Saratoga, my daily commute to and from work requires me to drive past the entrance to Congress Park each day. On a weekly basis, some of the park’s residents, ducks, will dictate traffic by crossing the road. The thought of, “Where are they headed?” has never really crossed my mind as I’ve missed green light opportunities to let the little quackers cross the road. That question was answered last week when a flock of 50 ducks made their way into the CVS across the road from the park intersection.

The counter worker must’ve thought she was on the receiving end of a prank when the automatic doors opened and 50 ducks came waddling in. An employee tried to guide the ducks out with a swiffer, as seen in the video below. Ultimately, it was a bag of popcorn that lured the ducks out of the building.

No damage was done to the store, or the ducks.