It's the new year, but 50 Cent isn't in a celebratory mood. He's still worth millions of dollars, but apparently he's been listening to the talk about him falling off musically. He starts 2014 off with the brooding 'This Is Murder Not Music.'

Fif spits bars that don't inform doubters he's back to take over the competition as much as they remind listeners that he ruled the hip-hop charts at one point. "I had your style 10 years ago / I just didn't use it," he taunts. "You n----s forgot how I do it / Well I do it like there's nothin' to it."

This comes after he threatens to kidnap a snitch's girl and use a blade in deadly fashion. He spends the second half of the song ranting and blasting his critics, albeit not by name.

50 Cent is working on his next album, 'Street King Immortal,' which is due later this year. It will be his first studio LP since 2009's 'Before I Self Destruct.'