50 Cent’s tag team efforts with Eminem have been hugely successful over the years. There aren’t many dudes who compliment each other better than Fif and Em. In an interview with Big Boy on Power 106, Fiddy touched on multiple topics including un-heard Em collabs as well as Chicago upstart, Chief Keef.

50 discussed how Chief Keef didn’t show up to the video shoot for the song “Hate Being Sober”, also featuring Fif and Wiz Khalifa. It seems Keef isn’t very good at picking up the phone.

“He didn’t show up. As far as Chief Keef is concerned, I’m a Chief Keef fan. I like what he is, because he’s something that’s been completely created by the environment. That’s what Hip Hop was initially. Now we’ve got people from so many cultures. Hip Hop is Pop now. It’s pop music. It’s so broad. Now when you see Chief Keef, I look at him and go – my shon would be Chief Keef if he didn’t make it. So I look at him and like him. I think he can blossom and grow into something better. For some of the same reasons that I enjoyed Soulja Boy when he first came out.”

We agreed with ya up until the Soulja Boy statement, brah. The video never ended up getting shot.