50 Cent might still have his thoughts on Meek Mill, but he's also got much bigger things to worry about - like his upcoming show on A&E.

Yesterday (Feb. 23) 50 posted a picture to Instagram with the caption, "Power Season 3 will blow you away. I'm only getting better at what I do. Wait till you see my New Show on A&E."

50 recently talked to People about the show, which he says will be called 50 Cent Presents. "I hate to call it a variety show because it's different than the things that people have seen in the past," said Curtis, "but it's a weekly program that has live sketch comedy and live music." Judging by 50's comedic past as Pimpin' Curly, he could make a killing with funny skits.

50's got a lot going on in the television world recently. He executive produces and stars in Power on the cable network Starz and has also been working on a new show for Fox called My Friend 50. He's seen a lot of success with Power, which competes with Empire, so it'll be exciting to see what he comes up with next.

In other 50-related news, he recently gave his thoughts on Meek Mill's beef tactics in an interview on Shade 45. "It’s a special kind of stupid going on over here," said Fif, "because you took something that was completely non-threatening with Drake and this one and turned it into something that could potentially turn into something he bumps into in Philly." Meek's upcoming house arrest prevents him from responding in any way.

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