After scrapping with 50 Cent's cronies at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta, Gunplay had some choice words for his arch nemesis. In an interview with TMZ, the Maybach Music Group associate explained why he was fighting with the New York rapper's entourage at the event.

Gunplay said that he duked it out with five men of Fiddy's security team while the G-Unit leader was hiding behind them. "You got a bunch of motherf---ers in one place with a lot of money and a lot of egos ... something was bound to happen," he says of the altercation.

When asked if the brawl stemmed from a beef with 50 Cent, Gunplay said no, but admitted that he never like the 'In da Club' rapper. "I've always wanted to kick his a--, but finally got the opportunity to get close to him [and] he was hiding behind all his security. I couldn't get to him [and] try to break his little f---ing neck."

Gunplay also insists that his fight had nothing to do with Rick Ross' skirmish with Young Jeezy backstage, but warns that messing with him can be hazardous to your health. "[If] you playing with me, you're playing with fire," he warns.

Gunplay also threw out a veiled threat to anyone who wants to find out if he's true to his rap moniker. "If you play with me, you might get gunned down -- you never know," he says.

BET still plans to air the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards on Oct. 9 at 8PM ET.

Listen to Gunplay Talk About His Fight at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards