The internet is a ruthless place. For kids born after 2000, growing up online is a given and consuming media garners rapid reaction. But for the all the internet trolls and jokesters out there, the birth of the hip-hop meme has given them a new outlet for comedy. Simply put, an internet meme is a piece of media, usually just a pic with words, which spreads as mimicry, from person to person via the internet. These little dit bits of social commentary go viral within hours and whenever something funny, crazy or cool happens in hip-hop, they internet's first response is to fire up the Photoshop and "meme it."

When Rick Ross shouted out pears as a reason for his weight loss and healthier lifestyle in 2014, the internet went crazy. When Future and Ciara went through a very public breakup and he dropped a series of fire mixtapes, his fandom, affectionately referred to as the #FutureHive, had the rapper trending with memes all over Twitter and Instagram. You couldn't get away from them if you tried. Whenever hip-hop's biggest troll, 50 Cent, decides to ridicule his unsuspected victim, he chooses memes to do it. And, of course when Meek Mill let off an unhinged Twitter rant against Drake and Drizzy Ether'ed the Philly MC with "Back To Back" in response, the memes that followed were damn-near legendary. Drake even used the memes as his performance backdrop during OVO Fest 2015.

Here's some of the funniest hip-hop memes the internet has come up with in the last few years.

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