Fireworks aren't the only things that make you want to cover up your ears.

We all watch sporting events and like to judge the singer of the National Anthem, also known as "The Star Spangled Banner" - waiting to see if they're going to skip over lines, mispronounce words, sing flat, or somehow "disrespect" it by putting a non-traditional spin to it. The last point I don't think is so bad as long as it gets the patriotic point across, but if you read comments on other articles you would think that to sing it other than standing in place and performing it operatic-style is akin to committing treason.

But now, for your 4th of July listening "pleasure", here are three anthem performances that break some, or all, of the above anthem sins, from singers that ought to know better.

Keri Hilson

R. Kelly

Kat DeLuna