A terrible tragedy happened early this morning on Hulett Street in Schenectady. A house fire claimed four lives. Three of the four victims were young children. A fourth child was pulled from the building and is currently hospitalized at the Westchester Medical Center burn unit.

Police and other branches of law enforcement are working on attaining a search warrant to find more clues as to what may have caused the inferno.

One of the building owners said the power was cut yesterday because the electric bill hadn’t been paid. He encouraged the family to use their rent payment to take care of the bill so power would be turned back on.

Victims’ families are desperately seeking answers but law enforcement officials are holding off until they can execute a full investigation.

Hulett Street is currently closed between Lincoln Avenue and Grant Avenue.

On behalf of Hot 99.1, our deepest condolences go out to friends and family of the victims. We’ll keep you posted with any follow-up details.