2 Pistols is no stranger to sudden success. The Tampa, Fla., native also knows all about the pitfalls of not having a team ready for it all. “For the people that look at me like I’m a one-hit wonder, it’s not that I don’t have any more music, it’s that I choose not to do business... Or like, the business side of it could be weird and the people who you’re doing business with might not feel you that much,” the rapper tells The Boombox.

“So yeah,” he adds. “It gets tricky sometimes. I can’t speak on anyone else’s situation but I know with mine, that’s how that went.”

Back in 2008, the MC struck gold when the track ‘She Got It’ took off on radio. According to the former Cash Money signee, he’s been grinding ever since and the hit song is not the only one in his catalog. His newest project, ‘Comin’ Back Hard,‘ is slated for release in the first quarter of 2014. Pistols claims this body of work will cater to the streets moreso than the ladies -- although his favorite track is dedicated to a special woman that got away.

“It’s called ‘Your Eyes,’” he shares. “It tells my story of being in a relationship and not really telling the whole truth about what all I had going on. I was involved with this girl who went to school, she was a good girl but I was in the streets.”

“I got locked up and wrote her, but she never responded to me,” Pistols continues. “She couldn’t see my vision of what I ultimately wanted to do in life, so she separated herself from me. Once I got in the direction that I’m going in, she got married and had kids and has this whole separate life going on, but it’s not the kind of life that she really wanted to be in. I can say that’s the realest record and that’s from my heart.”

The project’s first street single, ‘I Don’t Care’ featuring 2 Chainz, received moderate attention on the charts, but the follow-up, ‘Know That’ with French Montana, is gaining traction both on Billboard’s Urban Charts and in video spins on MTV Jams. “I think the people are starting to gravitate and realize that I‘ve got some good, new music,” he explains. “It’s just a twist to it because it isn’t the stuff they’re used to hearing from me because ‘She Got It’ is more of a female type of record.”

Watch 2 Pistols' 'Know That' Video Feat. French Montana

“I have those on the project,” he says slowly. “But for the most part, I’m just on the street campaign right now and people are starting to wake up.”

Since being out of the national spotlight for five years, 2 Pistols has managed to build and maintain strong relationships with industry heavy-hitters including Juicy J, Talib Kweli and Jim Jones -- all of which he’s done on his own. “These are all people that either I or someone from my team reached out to with a track and we built a relationship off it,” he reveals. “If I wanna work with somebody, I’m going to reach out to them and talk to them directly whether they know my records or don’t I’ma try and get that look from them. I’m a fan at the end of the day.”

Change is often necessary to excel in the music business. 2 Pistols switched up his team and perfected his lyrical abilities during his downtime. While recording ‘Comin’ Back Hard,’ he says his dedication to his craft was put on full display, as he recorded and engineered himself night after night in the studio. “I’m recording in the booth,” the man born Jeremy Lemont Saunders starts with a chuckle. “Doing my verse, running back out, pushing buttons, running back in... That was a good feeling. Putting the tracks together the way I really wanted them to go.”

While many artists decide to throw in the towel, Pistols has persevered in the face of difficulty. He wants to be known for his grind and hustle through the toughest of times. With a willingness to rise to the top on his own if needed, and the backing of a loyal management team, he just may have the winning formula. “It’s just about making the impossible, possible,” the 30-year-old states. “Making dreams come true -- whatever they may be.”