2 Chainz finally admitted that he was shot at during an attempted robbery caught on surveillance cameras last week. The 'No Lie' creator talked about the ordeal on Atlanta's Hot 107.9, days after he denied being a victim.

“I saw the gun first,” 2 Chainz shared. “It was like a .357. It was so heavy he couldn’t really hold it. The gun was so big. That’s what made me take off running.”

“When I went into the street, there was another dude with a whole ‘nother gun,” 2 Chainz continued. “That’s when I knew it wasn’t like an episode of 'Punk’d.' I was like this is real… I had bullet fragments in my hair… I think he thought he shot me.”

The Def Jam signee claims that he is not at all phased by his near-death experience, but judging from the way he ran away from the gunman in the video, he must have at the very least been a little winded.