An 18 year old by the name of Antonio Lopez-Bautista is the definition of scumbag. He is accused of trying to rape and kidnap a 67 year old woman in Saratoga Springs.

The illegal immigrant allegedly pulled the woman from her car and dragged her to a nearby location before removing her bra and attacking her. She was sitting in the car waiting for her husband to get out of work.

The attack occurred near Congress St. and Franklin St. in Saratoga. The brave victim plans to testify against the man.

Lopez-Bautista is charged with first degree assault, first degree robbery, first degree attempted rape, first degree sexual abuse, second degree attempted kidnapping, second degree robbery, two counts of second degree assault and one count of criminal obstruction of breathing.

Antonio will have to serve his entire sentence before being deported to his native Mexico. I hope this piece of trash drops the soap.