Eleven-Year-Old Olivia Pedrick, of Windham, loves animals so much, she wants more than to adore them. She wants to help them.

Pedrick sells paintings through a Facebook page she started, Olivia's Art for Animals, to fundraise for animal rights. She was selected as this week's Hometown Hero.

As part of the “Hometown Heroes” series, we’ve partnered with County Waste and Latham Ford to celebrate local unsung heroes for their good deeds and honorable work.

We asked Olivia a few questions. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What inspires you to raise money for the animals?

A: I love animals. I have always loved animals. We have had cats and dogs my whole life. My mom and dad love animals and help them whenever they can. I started this page because our local wildlife rehabilitator was helping so many hurt animals and had very little money, so I sold some paintings at a local town event. I made almost $100 and donated it to the wildlife center. That gave my mom the idea to start this Facebook page. We never thought I would ever be this busy!

Q: What's the most rewarding thing about what you do?

A: Getting thank you letters and cards from the organizations that I send my donations to. Also, seeing other kids start to do the same thing that I do.

Q: What are some challenges?

A: TIME! Between school, sports, Girl Scouts and huge amounts of homework, I have very little time to paint, so people have to wait a long time if they want me to paint their pets. Also, some paintings are hard to paint. Some dogs for example are harder to paint than others, especially black dogs, but I am learning to use shading more and more, and I think I'm getting better.

Q: Do you consider yourself a "hero?" Why or why not?

A: I do not consider myself a hero because I think everyone should help people or animals that cannot help themselves. This is the way it just should be.

Check out Olivia's Facebook page here and nominate our next Hometown Hero here.