From Kriss Kross to Lil Pump, young rappers are nothing new in hip-hop, but on Tuesday (Aug. 1), 11-year-old Alaya High, also known as Lay Lay, reportedly became the youngest female rapper to sign a record deal with Empire.

The Houston native, who now reps Atlanta, announced the news on her Instagram page, revealing she inked a deal with Empire. "It’s official!!! I am the YOUNGEST FEMALE RAP ARTIST to sign a record deal😱😩😝," the pre-teen rhymer wrote in the caption.

The 11-year-old rapper also revealed she will be dropping her first single, "Go Lay Lay Go," which is off of her upcoming album. "I would like to thank my fans @empire @queenalphashawn @buttamurphy @djcone and my DAD @aciehigh_aciehigh44 for making this possible. Look out for my first single “Go Lay Lay Go” ALBUM ON THE WAY!!! 🔥🔥💫💫," she added.

High has been sharing pictures and videos on her Instagram account since 2017 but the young rapper got a taste of fame in May when a clip of her freestyling over BlocBoy JB's "Shoot" went viral on Twitter. The tweet was retweeted over 100,000 times and earned Lay Lay a buzz on Twitter.

Lay Lay also hinted at her signing with Empire last month, when she released a freestyle over Drake's "I'm Upset" and gave a shout out to the late XXXTentacion, who had a deal with Empire as well.

"Can't leave the kids alone/Rest in peace XXXTentacion/Glad I get to try and make a difference for XXXTentacion/Now your girl on the same label as XXXTentacion," she rapped in a video posted on July 13.

Check out High's Instagram posts below.

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