Celebrity relationships can be as everlasting as an epic hip-hop album or as short and sweet as a summer anthem from a one hit wonder. But even though your favorite artist may have played the breakup to makeup game or been enamored with the opposite sex more times than they have had a No.1 record, you can't blame them for trying to find love.

But one thing you can blame them for is being "drunk in love" when it comes to tattooing their body with a former lover's name. Nothing says "I love you" forever like permanent ink and that's the problem once the romance is dead. Rapper Tyga recently showed his teenage dream Kylie Jenner that he’s dedicated to her with a permanent display of love in the form of her name, "Kylie" tattooed in bold scripted letters on his arm. We've got to point out that once they're no longer walking down lover's lane, that tat doesn't seem like such a good idea after all.

But Tyga is not the first and certainly won't be the last rapper to use his body as a canvas in the name of love. Rappers and R&B artists alike have taken their love beyond the music, diamonds, trips and fancy cars to showcase their devotion to their significant others by getting a tattoo in their honor.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. What happens when the relationship is over just when the tattoo starts to heal? Resentment and regret begins to set in and it’s time to reinvent or completely remove the tattoos inspired by the exes they once adored. From Iggy Azalea to Ciara and Adrienne Bailon to Nas, check out the gallery above to see which of your favorite MCs and singer had a change of heart and ended up covering up or zapping away a tattoo that was dedicated to an ex. See 10 Stars' Tattoos Inspired by an Ex-Lover.

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