Z-Ro recently dropped his album Drankin' & Drivin.' Today, he delivers the music video for standout track, "Where the Real."

Throughout the clip, Z-Ro takes us around his Houston hood to various locations, including the barbershop, the gas station and the club.

He spits, "I don't know about you but I know what I'ma do/I roll one deep I don't roll with the crew/I don't know a lot of real niggas, only know a few/And this time next year I'ma only know two/It's a storm in front of me but I gotta' go through it/I'm make it to the other side where the sun shine/One deep entertainment we always get money/And we always need it, always lunchtime/Record label tried to starve me out but I was still getting fat/When your friends by the bench, since you be like that?/If somebody stole two I got three right back/Wonder why G-O-D love me like that/Cause I know I really ain't worthy/Let a nigga lived when them niggas tried to murk me/Said I was gonna' die but I made it through the surgery."

XXL recently conducted an interview with Z-Ro about his album and much, much more.

In the conversation, Z-Ro touches on Drankin' & Drivin,' saying, "It’s like a recommunication. I never stopped making music. It just certain people I drop music with it’s wasn’t necessary for them to make it go gold or do wonderful, awesome numbers. A lot of muthafuckas just want a return of their money and your shit will sit on the shelf. I want this shit to be No. 1 and let people know I’m still doing my thing. And of course, I want some bread."

He continues, "I always wanted to do work with other people but due to certain stigmatas, a lot of other people thought I didn’t want to fuck around with people ‘cause I never was seen anywhere. People thought I was just comfortable with not fuckin’ with other people. But that’s not the case. I want to let people know that I’m still in the game and I’m not on the bench riding the pine. I’m on the court. I would like to fuck around with people who I respect in the game and get some bread."

Drankin' & Drivin' is available for purchase now on iTunes. You can view the visual for "Where the Real" above via YouTube. Keep it locked to XXL for more music and news from Z Ro.

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