A Wu-Tang Clan affiliate is suing TMZ for misidentifying him as the guy who infamously severed his penis in 2014. Marques Johnson, aka Andre Roxx of the Killa Beez, slapped the gossip website with a defamation lawsuit.

To give you a little backstory in the case, in 2014, another Wu-Tang affiliate named Christ Bearer, whose government name is Andre Johnson, cut off his penis and jumped off a second story balcony in a bizarre suicide attempt. The rapper was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and doctors miraculously were able to reattach his penis.

TMZ was the first outlet to break the news of this crazy incident but erroneously named Marques Johnson as the man who severed his penis. They eventually corrected their story and properly identified Andre Johnson as the person who mutilated himself.

According to Marques’ lawsuit (via The Hollywood Reporter), he was in prison when the news surfaced and he was harassed by other inmates because of the embarrassing news story. So much so, that prison officials had to put him into protective custody.

Since his release from prison in June 2015, Marques has been unable to restart his music career because promoters find him "too risky" to book due to the publicity.

Along with TMZ, iHeartMedia, Warner Bros., Viacom and Gannett are also named in the lawsuit as well for reporting the false story after TMZ corrected their story.

Attorneys for TMZ had no comment on the matter.

For the record, Christ Bearer, the man who actually cut his penis off, is fine. The last we've heard of him, he wanted to do a porn movie to show people that his stroking skills are still on-point.

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