If given the option to donate blood or pay a find for your criminal activity, which one would you choose ?


A circuit judge in Alabama named Marvin Wiggins, gave offenders this ultimatum.  From the recording, Wiggins is heard saying "Theres a blood drive outside and if you don't have any money and don't want to go to jail, as an option to pay, you can give blood today. If you don't have any money and don't want to go to jail as an option to pay, you go out there and give blood and brin in a  receipt indicating that you did give blood. Consider that a discount.  This isn't the first time a random ultimatum has been given in Alabama courts.  

This is the first time a court has requested actual blood. NPR reports that the LifeSouth Community Blood Center, this is the same center that lost a lawsuit for donating HIV positive blooad and has stated that they threw away most of the donations they received from offenders that day.
The room was full of people who owed fines or fees for a variety of offenses such as "hunting after dark, assault, drug possession and passing bad checks."

This whole situation sounds very suspicious at the least.  Why does the court care whether you donate blood or not ? Either you broke the law or not. The judge should come up with an appropriate sentence or not.  Whats next donate organs to get years off of your prison sentence ? That is a dangerous road to walk down.