Some people in the world just don't deserve to share the same air that we decent human-beings breathe everyday. Such is the case of 26-year-old Amanda Catherine Hein of Allentown, PA.

This wonderful example of trash recently delivered a healthy baby boy on August 18 at a bar that she was visiting to watch the WWE Pay-Per-View event "Summerslam". She would then kill the baby and rejoin her friends at the bar to finish watching the event.

The murder wasn't discovered until after Amanda left the bar and a worker tried to flush the toilet, only to have problems. Upon further inspection of the tank, the young fetus was found dead.

The baby, according to police, was born in the third trimester and died of suffocation after being placed inside of a plastic bag. Now Amanda could face the death penalty.

What's worse? Amanda's pregnancy was kept a complete secret from everyone she knew. Police are now looking for the potential father.

On August 18, Amanda complained of back pains when she excused herself for up to 40 minutes from the table. Her friends texted her to see if she was OK and when she returned, she acted like nothing happened.

Police were able to figure out who the baby belonged to by the blood stains left at the booth that was reserved to a male friend of Amanda's.


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