Craigslist is entertaining and convenient on so many levels. I’ve used it to sell and purchase multiple big ticket items i.e. iPad, computer, television etc. I even found my apartment on Craigslist. Sometimes you can find an item for half as much as it really costs. In the past I’ve only browsed expensive items – sporting equipment, electronics and so forth. I decided to see what they’re selling for cheap this time, and I was hysterically surprised at some of the amazingly awful “CraigsCrap” you can buy for less than $9.91.

$2 – Roller Skates

When I first saw the post “roller skates” for $2 I was hoping to find some old school quad skates, which could actually be worth some money if they’re old enough and the right brand. I got heated when I clicked the link, only to find “roller BLADES”. It is impossible to look swaggin’ in a pair roller blades. At least if they were roller SKATES I could pretend to be Bow Wow in Roll Bounce.


$3 – Breast Pads

First of all, thank you Albany Craigslist for some education. When I saw the link for Breast Pads I thought I was going to find those fake jelly boobs that women stuff in their bra. I now know breast pads are pasties for breast feeding mama’s. I feel smart.


$5 – Box Of Wooden Pegs And Wheels

This has to be a joke. These people spent more than $5 of their time posting this crap. Maybe I’m not artsy enough to see value in these… All I really see is firewood and adult sex toys. If they sold them as sex toys, they could probably score more than $5 – I hope you’re reading this,!!!


If you’d like direct links to any of these items feel free to drop me a line. I’d be more than happy to accommodate you, and then laugh at you. Happy hunting, CraigsCrap buyers!!


Feel free to comment with some items you’ve sold or purchased from Craigslist.