Classrooms are becoming a lot less fun these days.  More and more rules are being implemented every year.  In some schools, kids can’t give hugs.  Energy drinks, even sex-ed classes, are banned in some schools.  Oh yeah, you know that healthy stuff called milk?  Some groups are pushing to ban it too.

A group called PCRM (the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine) is aiming to nix milk from school lunch programs.  Their idea is for schools to start serving calcium-rich foods like beans, sweet potatoes and figs.  Yuck!  Apparently they believe our children should eat like birds.

If the PCRM group sounds familiar, you may remember them from billboard ads around Albany displaying overweight people with phrases like “Your Thighs On Cheese” and “Your Abs On Cheese”.

Some proclaim this movement to be nothing more than a publicity stunt.  Some of the earlier mentioned bans are very real – including the ban on… hugging?

Earlier this year a principal in New Jersey declared his middle school a “no hugging school” after he saw “some incidents of unsuitable, physical interactions between students”. 

Come on bro, did you go to a boarding school or something?  As a student at Saratoga Springs High School, everyone knew the hot-spots for on-campus ass grabbing and sexual encounters.  I’m not saying I agree with it, but it happens… all the time.  In the grand scheme of things, do you think hugging is really THAT big of an issue in regards to controlling your students’ behavior?  Prudes!