Earlier this week, footage showed Wale smacking a plate of food out of a woman's hand outside of a Los Angeles night club, the rapper acting swiftly after the woman blew a plume of smoke directly into his face. Speaking with TMZ later, Wale cleared up the issue, saying a few comments prior led to the sidewalk altercation.

"The girl you can’t see in the footage, there was a young Asian girl. You can see her in the yellow," he says above, noting that she had called another club goer fat. "She had got in a fight earlier. I was trying to make light of the situation cause she had a frown on her face. The Asian girl starts laughing, so we start having a little laugh with each other. I was like, ‘Yo no body shaming, man. I feel disrespected.’ I don’t want nobody’s number."

From there, Wale says the woman used the phrase "you people," which to him carries racial undertones. "That’s when I walked up to her," he says. "And then she took a whiff out of this vape thing, blew it in my face. And I was like, ‘Yo.’ The last thing Ima do is hit a girl. So I just smacked her food. You don’t even deserve to eat. If you talking like that to me and blowing smoke in my face after I didn’t do nothing to you. Nah, rest in peace to your meal, sweetheart."

As for the girl in the neon jacket seen in the video, who is the girlfriend of the woman who blows smoke in Wale's face, she says the guy she called fat had been taunting her and making fun of her jacket.

Watch him explain the incident above.

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