Vince Staples touched the Tonight Show stage Wednesday night (Sept. 7), performing "Smile" off his recently released EP Prima Donna with a little help from The Roots. Staples keeps things fairly stationary, the camera catching Questlove just over his shoulder as he raps. Watch the performance up above, while below, Vince recalls the first concert he ever attended in a Tonight Show web exclusive.

"My first concert was a Diana Ross concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Mother's Day. I went with my mother and my grandmother because it was Mother’s Day," he says. "There were drunk elderly people and there were food options. I’ve never been to a concert with food options and dining tray tables which makes it the best concert I’ve never been to in my life and she did all the hits. That’s also the only concert I’ve ever been to in my life but I have extremely high standards based on that sole experience."

Vince then notes that he can't name any Diana Ross songs but knows what they all sound like and is reluctant to recommend his stage show as someone's first. "I feel like children should not be allowed admission into my concerts at certain times cause sometimes I get very vulgar and very dangerous, but send your kids and bring me your money," he says.

Further down, he continues to keep the kids in mind, writing a little back to school message on Twitter. "Do not bully other kids to make up for your own shortcomings. & do your homework," he wrote.

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