Vic Mensa is speaking up about political issues and the current election. His new EP There's Alot Going On features topical tracks like "16 shots" which addresses the police shooting death of Chicago teenager LaQuan McDonald; "Shades of Blue" which examines the Flint water crisis and "There's Alot Going On," a song about Mensa's own struggles with depression. But he's also had a lot to say about the Orlando club shooting--in particular, presidential candidate Donald Trump's response to it.

Mensa was offended and outraged by Trump's tweets in the wake of the tragedy. "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & [vigilance]," Trump tweeted. "We must be smart!"

Mensa tweeted a news article and slammed the GOP's presidential nominee's rhetoric. "This is why we can't let Donald Trump be president. We have to stop vicious & violent hate b4 its too late," Mensa tweeted. "I'm not blaming the shooting on Trump. But the hateful rhetoric he preaches and the type of supporters he attracts inflame these issues."

He spoke to CNN about his feelings regarding the current political climate.

"In this election it's very possible that we're literally voting to save our lives and the lives of people that we love," Mensa told CNN. "The hateful messages that Donald Trump is putting out into the world can only bring hate back. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence."

"I think gun control is a solution to the problem," Mensa said.
"AR-15's and assault weapons have no place on our streets because there's no practical use for them other than killing other human being," Mensa said.
"People will be murderers with or without guns," Mensa acknowledged, but made it clear that assault weaponry is too readily available. "What's a murderer with no gun to do in Pulse nightclub? He's not killing 50 people with a knife."
"I am a Hillary fan right now because it's important that we be decisive," Mensa said, adding, "The things that Hillary stands for, at this point in time, I think, are a lot more beneficial for us than the things Donald Trump stands for."