You may have already seen a few promo clips for Vevo's Why I Vote campaign, and now the company has released its first full-length version, starring Vic Mensa.

In the piece that's a little over four minutes long, the Traffic rapper talked about the problems in his hometown of Chicago, including police brutality and black-on-black crime and how voting is an important piece to help change some of those things.

In addition, Mensa said he's always heard his parents talk about the power of voting, so he was eager to become old enough to do it himself.

"I was on two sides of things having really educated parents that were still deeply rooted in the city," he explained.

"I was always hearing discussions and debates about people running for office, so hearing my parents just focused on that, when I turned 18 I'm like 'Now I'm old enough to do this. This is dope. I can go vote,'" added Mensa.

The 22-year-old then went on to explain that he voted for a woman named Kim Fox for Cook County's State's Attorney and against Anita Alvarez for her handling of the Laquan McDonald shooting.

Of course, McDonald was the young man who was gunned down by officer Jason Van Dyke when he was carrying a knife but 10 feet away and no threat at all.

Earlier in the clip, Mensa talked about how growing up in the South Side of Chicago affected him and how it negatively shaped his view of the police.

"All of my earliest memories with police officers were like 'Hey, get your f----- hands out that hoodie before I punch you in the f----- face," he recalled. "You live with that enough and there's not really turning back."

You can watch the clip in its entirety above and also look out for future Why I Vote videos starring celebs like Kesha and T.I.

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