At this point in the presidential race, many people are wishing we could call a time out and have a do-over. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have proven to have major faults. Ty Dolla $ign thinks picking either candidate would be a bad choice.

The Cali crooner was recently stopped by TMZ and asked about his thoughts on the race. The "Campaign" singer didn't sound very enthusiastic.

When asked if he compares the wild stuff rappers say to Trump's recent controversial comments, Dolla had this to say. "A lot of shit is controversial. But that...Hillary and Trump. I think it's easy to see. It's crazy ass Trump or lying ass Hillary. All of us have lied, we're all humans. But not all of us are as crazy as Trump."

He added, "That's why a lot of rappers aren't running for president of the United States."

Trump has been getting it from all angles lately. recently spoofed the real estate mogul in a hilarious music video. Mike Dean also clowned Trump with a song.

On a more serious note, Rapsody had some words for The Donald as well. She recently penned an essay calling out Trump for his misogynistic comments. “You love to attack hip-hop. That’s easy though. I get that,” she wrote. “The media paints hip-hop — and most things dealing with black culture — as the catalyst for all world problems. In reality, however, you hate hip-hop because it turns the mirror on America and shows her just how ugly she has been to many. Misogyny isn’t a hip-hop problem, it’s an American problem.”

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